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Why your Hotel is in need eMail marketing ?

Email marketing is used by lacs of businesses of all sizes across the world for quite some time but its use is most aggressively seen in Travel Industry. Ever wondered why ?

Here are top 5 Reasons why eMail marketing is still your best bet when it comes to Marketing your Hotel.

1. Its the most cost effective way of reaching out to your target customers or market segment. The cost to reach to one agent or potential customer is as low as INR 0.10
2. It creates brand awareness and a good creative emailer strategy can help you to occupy a space in customer’s mind.
3. A good emailer software, oraganized customer data base and personalized communication can help you connect with your customers and build relationship. This is best way of ensuring touch with your guests – be it their birthdays, anniversaries.
4. The best part of eMailer marketing is that its quantifiable with easy RoI calculation. You know what you earned out of each campaign.
5. Its also a good way of promoting direct website clicks and generate direct bookings through website.

While we have mentioned why eMail marketing is still a “in-thing” it all depends the way the whole campaign is conducted. Success depends on the data, content, tag line, subject lines, pre-headers, images, hyperlinks, software used and most importantly timing of the emailer. offers end-to-end email marketing services to all its Hotel partners with measurable performance reports.

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