Top 10 Things to improve Hotel’s Google Map Ranking

admin/ February 24, 2018

Every Hotelier or a Marketing Agency has these questions in mind:

1. How to improve my Google Ranking ?
2. How to be on 1st page of Google ranking ?
3. How to get more direct clicks on website ?
4. How to generate more queries through Google ?
5. How to generate direct bookings on Hotel website ?

These question can be smartly addressed by working intensively on Google Business listing. Its the most cost effective way of beating the competition.

Top 10 Things to do which will help a Hotel to improve its Google Map Ranking are:

1. Location – while you cant help it but more proximity to city center the more likely you will rank up if below factors are taken care of.
2. A verified Google Business page.
3. Updated Contact details, website.
4. Unique Listing – no duplicates of same business name.
5. Fresh content means high ranking so keep updating pictures, videos etc.
6. Reviews from genuine customers.
7. Engage with customers by respond to reviews.
8. Get google map embedded on website.
9. Proper categorization or keywords tagging while creating Business listing.
10. Be careful while naming business as search results largely depends on how do you name your business on Google.

Market My Hotel helps its Hotel partners to optimize the google map ranking and sends monthly reports on the outcome once the listings are rectified. If you are looking to get your Google business listing correctly, write to us at

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