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How to increase booking from Air BNB ?

Air BNB is slowly and steadily gaining a space in the competitive online space and is carving a niche for itself in the discount war ridden Online Market. The number of travellers opting to book from Air BNB is increasing as there are some + 1,00,000 curated stay option across the world and Air BNB doing more than 1,00,000 bookings a day. More listing in a destination also means more competition to get up the ranking on the listing page in your destination.

MarketMyHotel recently conducted an in-house training for its revenue specialist and here are some takeaways which you can also follow to boost your Air BNB ranking and increase the bookings from Air BNB ?

  • Content– Content is the key not only for Air BNB but for any other online source. In Air BNB it becomes more important as the customers are looking to book unique stays in non-hotel segment and wants to be double sure before booking it. The more the content, the more confident a guest will be to book a stay at your place. Fill up the content to the last details.
  • Pictures – Post attractive pictures of rooms, your destination, things to do and pictures of guests enjoying stay at your place. Unlike other OTA, Air BNB customers are looking for more interactive stay and your pictures should communicate the same.
  • Inventory – Make sure your inventory calendar is updated and sold outs are communicated. Cancelling a confirmed booking due to inventory shortage can have a substantial impact on your ranking.
  • Response Time – Respond to booking queries and guest questions timely and proactively. Give them details on things to do and things to avoid etc. while booking so that their stay is comfortable. Offer instant booking & confirmation option to the guests.
  • Reviews – Work hard to get reviews from Guests. You need not pursue the guest hard but simply offering quality service and attending them timely will improve chance of getting a review. Here interaction with the customer is the key so either host or your guest relation executive should be in touch with the guest. You can also improve chance of reviews by reviewing the guest staying at your place positively before his check out.
  • Minimum Length of Stay (MLOS) – The host should update MLOS to 1, allowing booking for 1 night also. Lot of people search & book for 1 night and then extend it further. The avg. Stay of Air BNB customer is 5.65 nights per listing.
  • Rates – Since the commissions are rock bottom – a meagre 3%, offer the benefit of lower commission to customers by giving them exclusive deals like 20% off or complimentary extensions of stay by 1 night for 2 night stay.
  • Extra Net usage – The ranking also depends on how much time a hosts spends on the Air BNB extranet to improve the ranking or updating fresh and relevant content.

There is much more to do in Air BNB and the host need to spend atleast  and hour every day to get more bookings from Air BNB.  MarketMyHotel offers dedicated professionals to its Hotel Partners to boost their ranking on the Air BNB. For more details write to

  • Hotel Revenue Management Consultant in India
    May 1, 2018

    Thank you for sharing a great post, Airbnb is definitely a game changer in a budget hotel segment, however, it in Indian Market its movement is slow considering the big joints in the market such as GO-MMT. We would love to hear about strategies and tactics to push forward upcoming revenue booster “AirBNB”

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