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Does your Hotel need a Selfie Point ?

Believe it or not but Selfie Points are becoming a craze and are the most cost effective way of boosting Hotel presence – it’s big and now it’s getting bigger.

Before we discuss further here are some Hotel marketing strategies showing relevance of Selfies:

  • American express started a campaign sometime back on the most Selfie Worthy Hotels across the globe.
  • Selfie Sticks are becoming part of the standard in room amenities – Four seasons, JW Mariott, Kimpton & Intercontinental are among those who have already implemented.
  • Hilton is now selling rooms with a Selfie View. They also suggest rooms & in-hotel points with Best City Skyline, Best Indoor Pool with a View, Best Taj Mahal View or Best Beach View.
  • Hotels are updating website& the image gallery with pictures of Selfie points at the Hotels.

Selfies are here to stay so it makes sense to leverage them in order to have your guests do your hotel digital marketing for you. This is all the more important for hotels based in Asia.

Here are some highlights why Selfie is important for a Hotel.

  • Selfies are by default a sharable content and has potential of becoming viral.
  • Its authentic and potential customer always gives high priority to authentic and real content.
  • Its user generated and if posted on your Google Business Page it’s going to naturally boost up your online ranking. No SEO needed.

What a Hotelier can do to get most out of Selfie Phenomenon.

  • You can suggest idea of Selfie Points in or around Hotel.
  • If you lack a potentital Selfie Point, create a prop in sync with your theme of the Hotel or Destination. For eg. a mini-taj mahal in your lobby.
  • Remiding guests to hashtag your Hotel while posting a selfie. This can really do wonders.
  • Food Selfies – A selfie with your signature dish can be a good way to boost your restaurant sales.
  • A Selfie Wall of Fame at the hotel, showcasing the most viral selfies. This will motivate people to take selfies,innovate and share it.

A word of Caution – India has most selfie deaths across the globe so be safe.  Of the 127 deaths around the world that happened while taking a Selfie from March 2014 to September 2016, 76 happened in India. So be careful while creating Selfie Points offering the most amazing views.

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